We all want our kids to be educated. What’s changing is what an education is and what “being educated” means.
“Teaching” is changing from “delivering content” to “COACHING & EMPOWERING KIDS TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE WORLD.”
Teachers have more power than they think to balance what’s right for their kids with what’s required by the system.
Our kids need not just passion, but “APPLIED PASSION” i.e. passion applied to making their world a better place.
The best way to motivate all our kids is to help each of them find a passion & APPLY IT TO BETTERING THEIR WORLD!


The skills ALL kids need-Effective Thinking+Effective Action+Effective Relationships & esp.EFFECTIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT.


Today’s empowered kids want to BETTER THEIR WORLD—and they’re already doing it!


UNLEASHING THE POWER OF 21st C. KIDS: Real, world-improving projects AS our kids’ education.  


Why, when the world’s context has changed so radically, do we still teach almost entirely for the world of the past?


“Learning” is not the goal of education—it’s only a means. The goal is bettering the world thru real-world accomplishment.